What is Velocity?

Velocity is a catalyst for culture change designed to accelerate innovation, reinvention, and growth for Macomb County businesses in the manufacturing, technology, and defense industry. Located in the Sterling Innovation District, our incubator, accelerator, and coworking space offer world-class opportunities to help businesses thrive.

Who we are

Velocity has provided space, programming, and support to entrepreneurs and growing companies for the past 11 years. The collaboration between the City of Sterling Heights, Macomb County, and Oakland University launched the center and created a hub for economic development across Macomb County as one of 21 SmartZones in the state of Michigan.

What we value

+ Accelerating growth
+ Inspiring and igniting innovation
+ Creating collisions and collaboration
+ Diverse ideas, people, thoughts, and perspectives
+ Being a valued and trusted partner

Our business community

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Velocity is proudly located in the “Sterling Innovation District,” which spans six square miles and is home to 28 million square feet of industrial and high-tech space.

Billions of dollars in new high-tech manufacturing investments have been made throughout the Sterling Innovation District over the past five years, including the reinvention of Velocity

Our Team

Paula Macpherson headshot

Paula Macpherson


Paula serves as Velocity’s Director, helping Velocity grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem by strengthening relationships and partnerships in Macomb County. She is a lifelong resident of Macomb County and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

Scott Kalinowski

Scott Kalinowski

Velocity Center Manager

Scott is a lifelong resident of Macomb County and has always taken a vested interest in helping entrepreneurs thrive within the area. As the Velocity Center Manager, he plays a pivotal role in facilitating the expansion of Velocity and its entrepreneurs throughout Macomb County, leveraging his extensive background in asset management and banking.

Rick Venet

Rick Venet

Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

For over 20 years, Rick has held various executive sales and marketing positions providing products and services to clients in various industries including automotive and manufacturing. As our lead EIR, Rick serves aspiring businesspeople with the right resources and programs that meet their business objectives.

Dusty Welsh Small Business EIR

Dusty Welsh

Small Business EIR

In her role as Velocity’s Small Business EIR, Dusty aims to support founders of all backgrounds in realizing their economic empowerment, and fullest potential as prosperous innovators and business entrepreneurs. With fifteen years of experience empowering business founders to reach their startup dreams.

Meghan Hubbs SmallBusiness Program Manager

Meghan Hubbs

Small Business Program Manager

Meghan serves as the Small Business Program Manager, responsible for spearheading the Small Business Support Hubs (SBSH) funding awarded to Velocity from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). She is excited about making connections within the community and collaborating with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Nadia LaPensee Event Coordinator

Nadia LaPensee

Event Coordinator

Nadia occupies the role of Event Coordinator at Velocity, where her expertise and dynamic approach are instrumental in orchestrating successful events at Velocity. Her blend of entrepreneurial and community-driven prowess distinguishes her within the field. 

April Boyle

April Boyle

Project Manager

April Boyle is a Social entrepreneur angel Investor, and champion of inclusive innovation ecosystems. As founder and former executive director of BUILD Institute, she helped incubate hundreds of small businesses—especially women- and minority-owned. 

Three people working together

Velocity aims to

+ Provide a sense of community and connections

+ Accelerate innovation and reinvention

+ Be a resource for start-up and second-stage business support

+ Be a catalyst for culture change and collisions

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