Nadia LaPensee Event Coordinator

Nadia LaPensee

Event Coordinator

Nadia occupies the role of Event Coordinator at Velocity, where her expertise and dynamic approach are instrumental in orchestrating successful events. Her blend of entrepreneurial and community-driven prowess distinguishes her within the field. Nadia’s career trajectory began in the high-energy environments of the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings, where she was a key member of the Marketing and Promotions teams, honing her skills in creating memorable experiences for fans.

A Wayne State University graduate, Nadia earned a degree in Nursing, quickly ascending to positions of leadership within the healthcare sector. In these roles, she delivered exceptional, tailored experiences, mirroring the high standards she set in her initial marketing roles. Expanding her leadership horizons, Nadia founded Polka Dot Realty and Property Management, channeling her passion for leadership into the real estate sector, further demonstrating her versatility and commitment to excellence across diverse professional landscapes.

Nadia’s dedication extends beyond her career to significant philanthropic efforts, particularly in education. Through her work with Romeo Schools, she has been at the forefront of organizing events directly contributing to the enhancement of social, emotional, and physical well-being among students. Her initiatives have not only supported the public school system financially but have also fostered a robust community spirit.