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Our Coworking space is a fully-inclusive environment designed to accommodate people from different companies who need a space to work and provides access to programs and resources that are not available in commercial buildings. 

We encourage our coworking participants to share their expertise and explore new ideas with fellow workers.


Two people working in the coworking space
Velocity Coworking Desks
Velocity Center office coworking space

“The occupants at Velocity are professional and courteous. Facility management is efficient and filled with positive energy. The staff will help tackle any issues or needs you may face.”

Velocity office space

The Velocity Center brought me closer to a network of businesses, service providers and local development resources than working 100% remotely. As a consultant and business owner, I rely on personal relationships and referrals to grow. As a tenant at Velocity Center, I received access to training seminars, made valuable connections, and have my ear to the ground with upcoming developments that would have been unavailable otherwise. The building, furniture, and services are state-of-the-art and provide ample meeting spaces for me to refresh the energy that would come from my home office.”

Josephine Attisha

Founder & Principal, Progressive Grants



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