Velocity’s Accelerator program is designed for emerging second-stage business* in-depth evaluations and assessments and launches accepted companies on an accelerated trajectory toward guided success. Examples include spin-out core initiatives, portfolio diversification, mergers/acquisitions (M&A), new product launches, succession planning and positioning companies for successful exit events.

*Emerging second-stage businesses have or are positioned to realize >=$1M in annual revenues.

About the program

Phase 1

Program Entry

Whether through referral or application, entrepreneurs can enter the Accelerator after meeting with one of Velocity’s Entrepreneurs In Residence who will review the company’s business model and determine if the Accelerator is an appropriate fit.

Though businesses of any size and industry are welcome to apply, the Accelerator primarily focuses on the following:

  • Technology and manufacturing industries
  • Growth- or scale-stage businesses

Phase 2

Evaluation and Assessment

Once accepted into this stage, entrepreneurs undergo a 360-degree evaluation of their target market organizational development, and business operations including financial management, marketing, IT, talent, and access to capital.

Our approach to assessing business concept viability and growth potential begins with our CollabortaoryInk program, a facilitated assessment of the proposed concept and strategy. This approach provides both seasoned and new entrepreneurs the opportunity to confidentially discuss their vision, goals, and strategy with a team of experienced, serial entrepreneurs, who are subject matter experts from multiple disciplines.

Participants receive a consolidated assessment of their concept, strategy, funding ability, success potential, talent evaluation, and risk mitigation recommendations to validate a successful launch. Upon validation, participants will enter the Accelerator.

Phase 3

Entering the Accelerator

Upon entry into the Velocity Accelerator, the Accelerator team will advise and support entrepreneurs in building and implementing organizational development best practices including:

  • Overall business strategy documents with performance milestones and metrics
  • Financial planning and controls
  • Strategic sales and marketing plans
  • Market research
  • Assistance navigating contracts, leases, business agreements, and organizational structure
  • Financial modeling and investor relations
  • Operational processes, business procedures, and policy manuals
  • Human resources support for employment agreements, payroll processing, HR manuals
  • Technology platforms such as managed services, phones, and remote work platforms

In addition to Accelerator assignments, entrepreneurs will be required to participate in educational programs for risk mitigation, compliance, and leadership development to ensure organizational sustainability as the business grows.

Phase 4

Exiting the Accelerator

Our proven process is specifically designed to launch properly supported and funded businesses after entering the Velocity Accelerator.

Our metrics for success include:

  • A legal entity established, including any trademarks or patent filing
  • All disciplines (accounting, banking, marketing, technology, legal, operations, and resources) are in place with recognized relationships between the chosen provider and the entrepreneur
  • Financial proformas created with milestones or a 24-month financial plan with budget
  • Developed marketing plan including initiatives for capturing B2B or B2C customers
  • A 20- to 30-minute podcast interview that integrates into social media marketing
  • Funding relationship in place with a financial institution or private equity source
  • On-target growth metrics both top-line revenue and EBITDA projections

Entrepreneurs who have completed the Velocity Accelerator program are able to continue using Velocity resources at discounted rates to support further expansion and success.

ReGroup Advisors

Since 2002, ReGroup Advisors has completed 147+ start-ups, 16+ Mergers/Roll-ups, 6+ Acquisitions.  ReGroup also has investments in a portfolio of business operations including manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, and supply chain distribution.

Michael A. Kaszubski – Mike currently serves as CEO and Managing Partner of ReGroup Advisors, Inc., a business strategy firm specializing in merger & acquisition, business start­up, healthcare operations management, corporate strategy, and fraud/internal control programs for non-profit and privately held businesses. 36 years of merger/acquisition, business structure,  investment, healthcare, and operations.

Jim Wagner – Jim is an innovative professional with more than 30 years of management expertise and an extensive background in outsourcing and start-up companies. He is a proactive leader with expertise in operations management, strategic planning, supplier relations, contract negotiations, purchasing, project management, Quality/ISO processes, customer service and staff recruitment, training, supervision, and mentoring.

Spencer Burke – Spencer is a co-founder of several IT companies Spencer is a 30-year veteran of the Technology Industry. In addition to providing technology and cyber security solutions, Mr. Burke provides pre-assessment acquisition risk assessments in a number of industries.

Ryan Armbrustmacher – Ryan is a Michigan native and Michigan State University alum with over 10 years of experience in the marketing profession. He is an expert at video production and placement in broadcast TV, YouTube, streaming, or other social media. In addition, Ryan has experience in pre-launch startups, new product market penetration, and post-acquisition communication strategies.

Anneli Venter – Anneli is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Polygraph Examiner with an extensive Police background in criminal investigations, behavior analysis, organizational risk assessments, and interviewing. Anneli specializes in Risk Management, including Anti-Fraud Programs, Anti-fraud education for employees, management, and board members, risk assessments, polygraph examinations, and fraud investigations

Dan Smale – Dan has over 50 years’ of experience in a wide range of Investment Banking services for successful niche companies including mergers, acquisitions, debt, equity, and other financing solutions. Focused on getting accurate valuations, insightful due diligence, favorable loan terms, and cost-effective solutions. We monitor private transaction markets worldwide to provide competitive funding alternatives that fit within custom deal structures.