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Who We Are

Velocity is a catalyst for culture change designed to accelerate innovation, reinvention, and growth for Macomb County businesses in the manufacturing, technology, and defense industry. Located in the Sterling Innovation District, our incubator, accelerator, and coworking space offer world-class opportunities to help businesses thrive.

Where We’re Located

Velocity is proudly located in the “Sterling Innovation District,” which spans six square miles and is home to 28 million square feet of industrial and high-tech space. Billions of dollars in new high-tech manufacturing investments have been made throughout the Sterling Innovation District over the past five years, including the reinvention of Velocity

What we Aim to Do

+ Provide a sense of community and connections
+ Accelerate innovation and reinvention
+ Be a resource for start-up and second-stage business support
+ Be a catalyst for culture change and collisions

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