Standard Work

Standard Work Class

Participants will be introduced to the concept of standardized work and how it can help improve quality and efficiency.

Standardization is a proven method for reducing variability.

A tool such as this will reduce and prevent many types of workplace wastes - including duplication of effort and process contradiction.

Also discussed, are standard work practices needed to start applying principles and methods.

Elements covered include:
- Improving production through standardization
- Understanding the philosophy and key principles of standardized work
- How standardized work fits into Continuous Improvement Programs
- The three levels of Standard Work
- Standard Work tools and forms
- Cycle Times and work load balancing
- Implementing standardized work into a manufacturing process

- A successful student should be able to do the following at the end of this course:
- Understand the basic concepts of standardized work and how it is used to improve production through the reduction of workplace waste and process variation
- Work with a team to create standard work instructions, including visuals, for an identified process
- Understand how continuous improvement is an ongoing activity and must be constantly reinforced
- Eliminate waste and improve production through standardization
- Sustain these efforts throughout their work area and eventually spread this process to the whole facility