45 Years of Innovation and Community Involvement

Celebrating JEM Tech Group’s Michigan Small Business Success

Velocity is excited to spotlight JEM Tech Group, a certified woman-owned business that has been a cornerstone in the power and cooling solutions industry for mission-critical IT infrastructure. Celebrating 45 years of excellence, JEM Tech Group serves a diverse clientele, including automotive suppliers, K-12 and higher education institutions, and government entities.

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Founded four and a half decades ago, JEM Tech Group has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in the IT infrastructure space. Under the leadership of Jami, the company continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions that ensure the reliability and efficiency of its clients’ operations. “Our mission has always been to provide exceptional power and cooling solutions that our customers can rely on,” says Jami Moore, President of JEM Tech Group.

Community Involvement and Recognition

Jami is not just a business leader but also a dedicated community advocate. Her involvement in the small business community is extensive, encompassing mentoring other entrepreneurs, serving on advisory boards and actively participating in prestigious programs like Emerging Leaders and Michigan Celebrates Small Business. JEM Tech Group’s excellence has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Family-Owned Business Award and the PTAC Government Contractor Award. “Being part of the community and giving back has always been important to me. These recognitions validate our hard work and commitment to excellence,” Jami remarks.

Connection with Velocity

Jami first discovered Velocity through a LinkedIn connection, recognizing it as an ideal partner for her business expansion and exit planning goals. Since joining the program, she has found invaluable support and strategic guidance from her Accelerator coach, Mike Kaszubski. “Velocity has been instrumental in helping me think strategically about the future of JEM Tech. The insights and support I’ve received have been game-changing,” Jami shares.

April Boyle, Senior Advisor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Velocity, praises Jami’s proactive approach: “Jami’s dedication to growth and innovation is truly inspiring. We are proud to support her journey and look forward to seeing JEM Tech Group reach new heights.”

Celebrating Michigan Small Business Success

Winning the Michigan Celebrates Small Business Award has been a significant milestone for JEM Tech Group, enhancing its profile within the community and opening new networking avenues. “This award is a tremendous honor. It has connected us with other small businesses and created opportunities we hadn’t imagined,” Jami states.

Reflections on Entrepreneurship

Jami highlighted the importance of a supportive peer network, vulnerability, and continuous learning. “Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride. Surrounding yourself with supportive peers and staying open to learning and growth is essential,” Jami emphasizes.


Velocity is proud to support Jami and JEM Tech Group in their mission to innovate and excel. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey and contributions to the community.

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