Business Spotlight Service Saver

At the heart of Service Saver’s ethos is a commitment to providing guaranteed access to premium research, services, and materials. This commitment ensures a quality-driven experience right from the start, with a network of licensed contractors and service providers that simplify even the most complex projects. Their platform is designed to deliver what the customer deserves—quality, convenience, and peace of mind.

Service Saver’s Keys to Success with Velocity

Through Velocity’s Accelerator program, Service Saver has successfully launched the first two phases of the platform. Additional modules are currently in development to position the company for a national roll-out. In addition, property owners now have access to a groundbreaking platform in an ever-changing market driven by technological advancements.

Velocity’s dynamic space has become the epicenter of Service Saver’s journey. Within these walls, they’ve harnessed the available resources to facilitate diverse meetings, from large group discussions to focused brainstorming sessions aided by whiteboards.

Service Saver’s engagement with Velocity spans across both the Incubator and Accelerator programs. Collaborating closely with ReGroup Advisors, they’ve utilized these programs to shape their organizational structure, secure funding, and tap into invaluable resources.

Service Saver Painter
Service Saver Plumber
Service Saver Roofer

What’s Next?

Service Saver’s future holds boundless potential. Their dedication to addressing home-related needs comprehensively remains steady. Leveraging Information Technology, they’re poised to revolutionize their capabilities and integration. Though in the early stages, their planning, dedication, and resource utilization set the stage for eventual business transition.

Service Saver found in Velocity not just a partner, but a guide that resonated with their entrepreneurial spirit.

“Velocity is the launchpad entrepreneurs need. It’s not just a space; it’s an all-encompassing resource hub that empowers business launch, strategy development, and marketing innovation—all under one roof.” –Angela, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Owner.