Business Spotlight NAMC

The National Advanced Mobility Consortium’s (NAMC) mission is to provide professional opportunities and connections that result in cutting-edge technology for the United States Military. Their members compete and collaborate to develop manned and unmanned advanced mobility technologies that make a difference for our Soldiers.

NAMC is a consortium of organizations from a variety of industries and academic backgrounds including traditional and non-traditional defense contractors, non-profits, and small businesses. As one of the longest-serving Department of Defense (DoD) consortiums and a non-profit organization, NAMC acts as a bridge between the DoD and the organizations that can execute high-priority projects.

Through research, development, prototyping, and production, NAMC members work towards one central goal: creating innovative technology to support the people on our front lines. Every day, NAMC empowers members to revolutionize military technology, enabling the success of our soldiers in the field.

NAMC’s Keys to success with Velocity

NAMC first heard about Velocity through its associations with other local businesses and government partners. In particular, NAMC saw Synergy with another Velocity tenant–the Michigan Defense Center (MDC)–who shares their focus on supporting and growing the defense, aerospace, and homeland security missions and industry.

NAMC chose Velocity because they are ideally located to help support their customers and members located in Southeast Michigan’s Defense Corridor. Additionally, Velocity is near many high-tech members of other industries, including automotive, that have exceptional potential to contribute to NAMC’s mission. Velocity serves as an outstanding location to support the presence of these organizations.

With NAMC’s expanded office space at Velocity, they aspire to serve as an anchor to bring defense industry members together to collaborate on critical programs and grow their businesses. NAMC’s presence aligns with Velocity’s mission, especially as a State of Michigan SmartZone with a directed focus on the defense industry.

NAMC’s office in Velocity serves as an ideal location to maintain a presence and quickly respond to the needs of many government customers and members in the local area. NAMC uses Velocity’s offices to host small group meetings in a ‘neutral’ location, of particular use for their government partners located on the Detroit Arsenal. Additionally, NAMC leverages the capabilities at Velocity to host multiple larger functions such as industry days for the government workshops, and business-to-business teaming events among its members.

What’s Next?

They envision future opportunities to collaborate with Velocity in supporting the defense SmartZone designation in hosting events, educating the community, encouraging innovation, and expanding growth in the defense industry.

NAMC plans to utilize our Entrepreneur in residence (EIR) program as well as participate in events and workshops hosted at Velocity. Their objective is to fully understand the programs that Velocity has to offer, so that they may recommend Velcoity’s services to their members.

NAMC expects to continue its expansion and growth alongside the defense industry in Southeast Michigan supporting the DoD’s key Army modernization objectives.

“We recommend Velocity to any company looking to jump-start their business to expand in Southeast Michigan–particularly in Michigan’s Defense Corridor. Velocity is a great location for collaborative meetings and events as well as initial office space to develop a local presence. Velocity’s professional staff and top-notch facilities would help any company build its local business opportunities.” (NAMC)