JetCo Business Spotlight

As an MEDC SmartZone located in Southeast Michigan’s Defense Corridor, Velocity is home to many impressive defense-specific organizations, including JetCo Federal

JetCo Federal is a woman-owned business and leading provider of mission-critical equipment and services to the United States Military and other government agencies. Founder and President, Sue Tellier, currently serves as President of the Women in Defense (WID) Michigan Chapter, Chair of WID National, Board Member of Women Impacting Public Policy, Board Member of Michigan Strategic Fund, and is the First Vice Chair for the Small Business Association of Michigan.

Jet Co Federal Warehousing
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JetCo Federal’s mission is to deliver innovative and reliable solutions to support the success of US soldiers in the field. Their experienced team works together to create customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer. With the goal of having a presence in Sterling Heights, the need for a collaborative space, and the opportunity to connect with people in the defense industry, JetCo pursued Velocity. 

JetCo’s presence at Velocity also aligns with Velocity’s mission as a SmartZone with a directed focus on the defense industry. Their office at Velocity serves as an ideal location to maintain a presence and quickly respond to the needs of many government customers and members in the local area. JetCo also leverages Velocity’s affordable office space and capability to host multiple larger events for Women in Defense, Women’s Leadership Forums, board meetings, and more.

JetCo actively participates and benefits from several state-wide programs and resources that are offered by Velocity–all of which are available for businesses throughout Macomb County.

Velocity is honored to partner with JetCo Federal in supporting the defense industry in Southeast Michigan, and we look forward to supporting JetCo Federal’s continued growth and success.

“Velocity is a hub for like-minded people who want to be innovative and expand their reach within their space. For me, it’s within the defense/industrial space–in this corridor, there are so many great defense partners and organizations that we can connect with. I can’t imagine leaving. We have a great office, it’s a great place to work, and it’s the perfect place to host events.”

Sue Tellier

President, JetCo Federal