Ares Technology

In the world of entrepreneurship, timing can be everything. For Ares Technology, LLC, the journey to success began when Eric Patton, an employee at the time, found himself at a crossroads. The company he worked for unexpectedly shuttered its doors, leaving him without a job. Seizing the moment, he decided it was finally the right time to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. And so, Ares Technology, LLC was born.

A Vision Adapts

Initially, Ares aimed to import military vehicle products from allied nations like Turkey and Poland. However, shortly after its inception, changes in regulations by the Defense Logistics Agency disrupted their sourcing plans. Concurrently, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, causing a 60% drop in revenue overnight. Despite these challenges, Ares persevered, thanks in part to their low overhead costs as a new business.

Initially, consulting services sustained Ares. After about 10 months, they secured their first parts order. Though the initial excitement was short-lived, as the supplier they worked with initially decided that they wanted to take the full order themselves but, Ares quickly regrouped. They diligently sourced new suppliers and successfully delivered the parts with minimal delay. This order set the stage for a path that Ares continues to tread—producing similar products today.

Eric Patton, with a mechanical engineering degree from Kettering University, began his career in engineering but quickly realized his passion lay elsewhere. He transitioned to program management, gaining a holistic view of projects and even serving roles as Quality Manager and Export Compliance Officer due to the small companies he worked for. These experiences equipped him with the skills needed to wear multiple hats when founding Ares.

After five years in program management, Eric ventured into sales, initially planning it as a brief stint to gain a broader skill set. To his surprise, he fell in love with sales. He honed his expertise in defense and aerospace sales, eventually reaching the position of Director of Sales before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey with Ares.

Service Saver Roofer

Empowering the Warfighter

Ares is more than a business—it’s a conduit for delivering technology solutions to the warfighter. They achieve this through several avenues:

  1. Sales Consulting: Ares assists companies in effectively selling their products to the Federal Government, guiding them through the intricate government contracting process.
  2. Build-to-Print Manufacturing: Ares specializes in machining complex components for prime contractors and the Department of Defense, leveraging their ISO 9001-certified quality team and proprietary supply chain processes.
  3. Distribution Services: Ares offers distribution services for companies looking to enter the US market, including product capture, warehousing, and assembly services.
  4. Innovation: Ares is continually innovating, with four pending patents on technologies that integrate data analytics and machine learning into previously disconnected systems.

Ares Technology & Velocity

Ares joined Velocity for its professional ambiance and flexibility, essential qualities for a growing business. The ability to adapt and expand within Velocity’s versatile space aligns perfectly with Ares’ dynamic business model. It’s a testament to the value of adaptable spaces for innovative companies on the rise.

As Ares Technology, LLC continues to evolve and empower the warfighter, it exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and the resilience needed to overcome challenges. Their journey is a testament to seizing opportunities when they arise, a philosophy that continues to drive their success in the ever-changing landscape of technology solutions for the military.