Celebrating Success: Marc Alexander, Michigan Celebrates Small Business Award Winner

We’re excited to highlight the remarkable accomplishments of Marc Alexander, the visionary entrepreneur behind Lite Raise and Lite Tuition, and a recipient of the 2024 Michigan Celebrates Small Business Award. Marc’s journey, which began with an act of anonymous generosity, has grown into a movement that significantly impacts educational and community fundraising.

A Journey Sparked by Generosity

In 2009, Marc was navigating the financial challenges of his senior year at Kettering University. Despite mounting debt and multiple loan rejections, his story took a dramatic turn when an anonymous benefactor sent him a $16,000 cashier’s check with the simple instruction to “pay it forward.” This pivotal moment ignited Marc’s mission to help others achieve their educational and financial goals.

“I was overwhelmed by the generosity and made a promise to pay it forward,” Marc reflects. “This commitment has driven every venture I’ve pursued since.”


Pioneering Platforms for Education and Community Support

Today, Marc’s dedication is embodied in Lite Tuition and Lite Raise. Lite Tuition provides a platform for students and parents to begin fundraising for educational costs as early as kindergarten, ensuring that contributions are securely directed to educational institutions. This platform’s strategic partnerships and robust security measures have expanded its reach and reliability.

Lite Raise empowers organizations of all sizes to enhance their fundraising capabilities, alleviating the financial pressures on individual contributors and fostering broader community support. The platform’s innovative approach has made a global impact, reaching countries such as Australia, Kenya, Liberia, and Guatemala.

Dynamic Leadership and Vision

Marc is a dynamic and visionary leader with a proven track record as a successful serial entrepreneur in corporate America. Over the past decade, he has honed his business acumen and leadership skills, achieving remarkable success for multiple multi-million-dollar companies. His personal philosophy, inspired by Frank Sinatra’s classic “I Did It My Way,” emphasizes authenticity and inspires others to follow their dreams.

A former School Board Trustee and GenNext Nominee for Fortune 100 companies, Marc has made significant contributions as a community leader and entrepreneur. Beyond his successful career, he is an accomplished author, social entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. His personal mission to help others achieve success and happiness permeates all aspects of his life. Marc’s passion for using technology to drive global change through innovation constantly pushes boundaries to develop transformative solutions that shape the future.

Recognition and Impact

Marc’s pioneering work with Lite Raise has earned him the 2024 Michigan Celebrates Small Business Award, recognizing the substantial contributions his platforms have made to educational funding and community fundraising.

“We are incredibly grateful for this esteemed recognition,” says Marc. “It affirms our efforts and motivates us to continue making a positive difference.”

Marc’s transformation from a financially struggling student to a successful entrepreneur underscores his dedication to empowering others. His story is a testament to the profound impact that a single act of kindness can have, inspiring a wave of change and opportunity.

An Inspirational Leader

Marc Alexander’s achievements reflect the supportive environment cultivated at Velocity. We are proud to have contributed to his entrepreneurial journey and are excited to see the continued growth and impact of his work.

“Marc’s journey is a beacon of how generosity and innovation can drive significant change,” says April Boyle, Senior Advisor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Velocity. “His initiatives with Lite Tuition and Lite Raise are truly inspirational, and we celebrate his well-deserved recognition.”

Paula MacPherson, Director of Business Development at Velocity, adds, “Marc’s commitment to paying it forward and empowering others captures the essence of entrepreneurship that we nurture at Velocity. We are thrilled to see his contributions honored and look forward to supporting his future endeavors.”

Join us in celebrating Marc’s remarkable journey and achievements. His story is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of kindness, innovation, and community support in creating lasting positive change.

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