Kathryn Quell Headshot

Kathryn Quell

Building Services Specialist

Kathryn Quell is a seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience at Velocity and a total of 16 years with the City of Sterling Heights.

In her role as Velocity’s Building Services Specialist, Kathryn works closely with tenants to ensure the physical aspects of the building are operating smoothly. She supports program initiatives, acts as a liaison for the board, manages finances related to Velocity’s operations, and much more. Her degree in Finance from Walsh College gives her a unique perspective on the financial aspects of building management, allowing her to balance budgets and resources effectively.

Kathryn’s organized and relationship-forward personality allows her to build strong connections with tenants and stakeholders alike. Her interpersonal skills make her approachable and open, creating a positive environment for collaboration and problem-solving. Kathryn’s commitment to excellence and dedication to the success of Velocity’s programs and initiatives make her a valuable asset to the team.