IMAGIO Glass Business Spotlight


We’re thrilled to highlight IMAGIO Glass, an Accelerator client revolutionizing the world of interior design with their cutting-edge print-to-glass technology. Their innovative approach is transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments, setting new standards in both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Who is IMAGIO Glass?

IMAGIO Glass, founded by visionary leaders Paula Badalamente and Mike Trego, is based in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This dynamic duo has created a company renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. IMAGIO Glass offers unparalleled design solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, using eco-friendly materials and processes to create energy-efficient, insulated glass products. Their dedication to sustainability promotes healthier living and environmental responsibility.

What Does IMAGIO Glass Do?

Utilizing proprietary print-to-glass technology, IMAGIO Glass produces fully customizable, high-definition designs on various glass surfaces. Their extensive product range includes custom backsplashes, shower walls, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, whiteboards, desktops, and so much more (the applications are endless!). Customers can choose from an extensive Design Gallery featuring classic designs, textures, patterns, and natural stones, or provide their own imagery for a truly personalized touch. This technology not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the functionality of glass surfaces, making them easy to clean, durable, and sustainable.

IMAGIO’s Connection with Velocity

IMAGIO Glass’s participation in Velocity’s Accelerator program has significantly expanded its market reach, connecting it with new clients and partners across Macomb County and beyond. This strategic growth has positioned IMAGIO as a key player in both local and national design markets. They exemplify the spirit of innovation and reinvention that Velocity promotes. As IMAGIO Glass continues to innovate and expand, it enhances the aesthetic and functional qualities of spaces while contributing to the economic vitality and cultural energy of the community.

“Being part of Velocity’s Accelerator program has been an incredible journey for us,” said Paula Badalamente, Co-Founder of IMAGIO Glass. “The support and resources we’ve received have been instrumental in helping us reach new heights and expand our market presence. We are grateful for this partnership and excited for the future.”

Future Goals

Looking ahead, IMAGIO Glass aims to continue its trajectory of innovation and growth. By refining their product offerings and expanding their market presence, they plan to solidify their position as leaders in the print-to-glass industry. Additionally, IMAGIO is committed to ongoing research and development to explore new applications for their technology, ensuring they remain at the forefront of design innovation.

Celebrating IMAGIO’s “Associate of the Year” Award

We are proud to celebrate IMAGIO Glass’ recognition as Associate of the Year by the Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan. This prestigious award underscores IMAGIO Glass’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and the highest standards in the homebuilding industry. It acknowledges the outstanding contributions of the entire IMAGIO team, whose creativity and craftsmanship define the brand.

“IMAGIO Glass exemplifies the innovative spirit and dedication to quality that we strive to nurture at Velocity,” said Paula MacPherson, Director of Velocity. “Their success story is a testament to the impact of our Accelerator program, and we are incredibly proud to have them as part of our community.”

IMAGIO extends heartfelt gratitude to its clients, partners, and supporters who have been part of their journey. The team looks forward to continuing to set new standards in glass design and contributing to the industry’s success and growth.

For more about IMAGIO Glass and their innovative work, visit IMAGIO Glass.

At Velocity, we are proud to support and celebrate the achievements of IMAGIO Glass and look forward to seeing their continued success and innovation.

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