8D Problem Solving

Velocity 6633 18 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI

This one-day interactive course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to take a problem through a process involving tools such as 5-Whys, Brainstorming, Fishbone Diagrams, and others.

This training will orient participants to the problem solving basics and 8-D reporting methods. Discussions and exercises involving problem solving tools are part of this seminar.

Target Audience:
Any employee tasked with performing the typical problem-solving activities when trying to determine the root cause(s) of a customer complaint or internally required corrective actions.

Learning Outcomes:
After attending this course, learners will have received the knowledge and tools needed to objectively identify the problem, isolate the root cause, and document the entire process.

The learner will be able to:

• Discuss requirements of disciplined problem solving methods such as 8-D.
• Have the ability to practice problem solving tools such as:
- Brainstorming
- Cause & Effect (fishbone) analysis
- Scatter diagraming
- 5-Whys and the 3 legged 5-Why Process
- Flow Chart a Process, etc.
• Define the interrelationship of root cause analysis and problem solving

Cost: $495.00 Per Person


2024 Business Seminar

Velocity 6633 18 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI

Join us for a jam-packed day of networking, learning, and growing your business at the 2024 Business Seminar!

Build your Networking Capacity
Join us at Velocity for an engaging and impactful networking event that highlights the importance of community involvement and nonprofit work. This event will feature renowned speakers, provide invaluable insights for business and nonprofit growth, and offer opportunities to give back through our Fill-the-Van donation drive.

Event Overview
Attendees at this event will gain invaluable insights into relationship marketing, technology for nonprofit growth, and social media success.
Learn how to build and strengthen customer relationships to boost loyalty and referrals, and discover practical strategies for effective networking.
Harness cutting-edge technology to enhance fundraising efforts and promote educational inclusion, and get expert tips on engaging donors and optimizing campaigns.
Master the art of defining and marketing your message with confidence, creating impactful visuals, and maximizing your social media impact.
This event promises a comprehensive learning experience to elevate your business operations.

Community Involvement
Fill-the-Van Donations: We invite all attendees to participate in our Fill-the-Van donation drive. Contributions such as coloring books, activity books, journals, stickers, crayons, colored pencils, UNO cards, hot wheel cars, playdoh, sensory items, and hygiene kits are welcome. The collected items will be used to create Comfort Bags for the Macomb and Oakland Sheriff Departments, helping to diffuse situations and comfort kids experiencing trauma.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with like-minded professionals, and contribute to meaningful causes. Register today and be part of an event that makes a difference!

Coffee & Conversation: July 2024

Velocity 6633 18 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI

Are you a long-standing manufacturer seeking to revolutionize your operations without breaking the bank? Join us for this month's Coffee & Conversation featuring an exclusive workshop designed to supercharge your customer service and efficiency using simple, yet powerful, tech solutions.

In a world where innovation is key, your established manufacturing business might be feeling the strain of outdated systems. But fear not! Josef Wainz understands the challenges you face. You've built a legacy of quality and reliability, but evolving customer expectations and technological advancements demand a fresh approach.

A roadmap to success without the need for a costly tech overhaul. Imagine streamlining your processes with just three simple steps, tailored to your unique business needs. It's not about reinventing the wheel; it's about enhancing what you do best.

Are you ready to embrace change and unlock the full potential of your manufacturing business? Join us for this transformative workshop where you'll learn to:

• Identify areas ripe for improvement through tech solutions.
• Select the best tools to meet your specific goals.
• Seamlessly integrate these solutions for maximum impact.
• Measure results and adapt for ongoing success.

Velocity's Community Engagement Manager, Paula MacPherson, will be hosting the event and is available for any questions you have.

About the Presenter:

Josef Wainz, President of Turtle Works

We find anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000 worth of company time wasted on tasks where their staff could be more productive. The big question: Are your people working smarter, not harder?

Hi, I’m Josef, the Productivity Energizer at Turtle Works. Serving both small and medium sized businesses, I help my clients utilize Microsoft to elevate their productivity, unleash new levels of growth, and save money in the process.

I understand that adopting technology can be overwhelming - even when you know that doing so is right for your business in the long run. That’s why my team of Microsoft software experts provides our clients with time and attention to ensure a seamless transition to fixing painful and expensive problems.

Let’s talk about how we can leverage your existing Microsoft investment to save your business time and money.


Founders First Fridays

Velocity 6633 18 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI

Join us for a monthly networking event, Founders First Friday. This event aims to allow founders and entrepreneurs to get together and connect on the first Friday of every month.

The event will be hosted by the Michigan Founders Fund's very own Ryan Lapensee. This is a casual event with no set agenda for founders and entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to connect, share their challenges, and be resources for one another.


Best of the Zest Pitch Competition

Velocity 6633 18 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI

Are you a small Macomb County packaged food or beverage producer looking to expand your operations and take your business to the next level? Then apply for the Best of the Zest Food Pitch Competition.

Eligible businesses include:

Packaged food producers that create products from raw materials, either for distribution or face-to-face sales. Can include beverage companies. Must be one of the following: Female-owned, Minority-owned, Veteran-owned, Located in an “underserved area", Been in business since at least June 11, 2022.

Located in Macomb County and has a brick-and-mortar facility with a commercial kitchen. No home businesses. Have less than $1 million in annual revenue. Copies of your Profit or Loss statement and W-9 are required. Have 10 employees or less, not including the owners. Are in good standing with LARA (state Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) and have a MDARD (Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) license. (Proof is required)

How do you sign up?

The application process is open now through 5 p.m. on Thursday, July 25. To apply for the competition, you must fill out an application. Any missing documents could result in disqualification.

How does it work?

All applications will be reviewed and scored. The top 10 finalists will be invited to present a five-minute “pitch,” which will be followed by a five-minute Q&A session between the judges and the participant. Winners will be announced by Aug. 27.